Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CD Review: "Red River Blue" - Blake Shelton

CD: "Red River Blue"
ARTIST: Blake Shelton
LABEL: Warner Brothers Nashville
RELEASE DATE: July 12, 2011

WOW! When Lou Ramirez with Warner Brothers Nashville says to listen because a cd from one of his clients is gonna be amazing, he's not saying that because they're his client, he's saying it because he is dead on the money. He told me weeks ago that Blake Shelton's new release, "Red River Blue" was going to blow me away and that's an understatement. This cd is nothing short of fantastic. His previous releases have been good but this puts the word good into a whole other category. The songs on this cd were obviously carefully chosen and they were chosen well. The songs blend well and there is not a single "what the hell was he thinking with this one" song on the track listing. It's been a banner year for Blake with the Grand Ole Opry induction, his marriage to Miranda Lambert, and his long overdue recognition for his outstanding music. He just continued the definition of Charlie Sheen's famous term "Duh, winning" with the release of this cd.

His first single off the cd, "Honeybee", has already gone through the roof with sales, fan requests and radio play. It's a simple tune yet definitely one you'll find yourself singing along to. It's one of the top selling songs on iTunes and, it's on just about every other cell phone ring tone in America and even the lyrics are popping up as Facebook and Twitter status updates. The video is one of the most requested videos on CMT and GAC. Thank God there were no real honeybees harmed in the filming on the video since PETA is already gunning for Blake. LOL! The second song has that familiar Blake Shelton, feel good, make ya wanna shake your booty, "It's All About Tonight" beat, one that gets your hips moving and your foot tapping from the first few notes. I am sitting here doing the "shoulder shake" as I'm writing this, I kid you not! Listen to it, I promise you'll do the same. I think my favorite tune off the cd is "God Gave Me You", which I am more than sure he wrote in reference to his love for Miranda. It's the kind of song with words that most people probably think about saying to their significant other but never seem to be able to actually say out loud. That's ok, give them a copy of the cd and tell them to listen closely to track #3 and Blake will say the words for you. What better way to deliver a sentiment and it will make you look like the best person ever, not just because of the thought but because you had Blake sing it! (Shhh, I bet you'll get lucky too). Speaking of getting some, the next track is called "Get Some". Coincidence? I think not. I can already see this as the next good sway with your arm over the drunk next to you and sing your tone deaf lungs out with your beer bottle in the air at the bar song. You get the picture, right? The rest of the cd, from the strong vocals on the thoughtful "I'm Sorry" to the lyrics of "Hey" that will make you actually laugh out loud, I'm tellin' you (just like Lou told me), this is one great cd! The cd rounds out with the title track and my second favorite song, "Red River Blue", a soulful, heartfelt duet with Miranda Lambert. What a pair these two make, not only personally but musically. Their voices just work and come together perfectly like a good song should. 

I did not mind spending the last bit of money I had to last until payday on this cd because I knew it was gonna be a worthy purchase. I was right "on the money". I can say without a doubt in my mind that Blake fans will not be disappointed and those who aren't fans of Blake will be once they hear this cd. What, wait, back this thang up! Who's not a fan of Blake's to begin with? Moral of this story - get it and get it now!

You can get this anywhere music is sold, Blake's everywhere!

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