Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Check out what one of our favorite artists, John Oates, has been up to ... he's got alot of stuff coming down the pipe including this fantastic project that involves collaborations with some of music's best talent. We'll post more as we get the info and will be supporting this project the entire way. As a side note, we will be interviewing John from the DPAC in Durham, NC tomorrow night, March 13. Stay tuned, we'll be posting that soon after it happens. Thanks to John for being so supportive of us and for being so gracious to give us time out of his crazy schedule.


Photo credit: www.johnoates.com

John Oates’ latest project is a collection of original songs that will be released once a month in a series of digital singles. The styles of the tracks cross many musical genres and each has a unique story. All of the songs are written or co-written by Oates with exciting collaborations with top artists and producers including: Vince Gill, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), Hot Chelle Rae, Tommy Simms (Eric Clapton), Bleu McAuley, Mike Henderson (Steel Drivers), Tom Bukovac, Teddy Morgan (Kevin Costner) Pete Huttlinger and Tim Lauer. He was also able to work with Nashville songwriting legends like Pat Alger, Craig Wiseman and Jim Lauderdale.

Why a series of singles? “At this point it seems that the album, as a medium, is quickly becoming a thing of the past,” Oates explains. “Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to an album’s worth of music, but the digital world has given people the freedom to download and create their own personal playlists.” He is encouraged that the music business has come full circle and returned to being driven by singles but in a modern way.
Not having to think about an album as a cohesive group of songs has given John the freedom to write and produce music that appeals to his wide range of influences and tastes. On this project the listener will hear everything from roots blues, modern pop and contemporary country to experimental Americana, folk and Philly Soul.

“I reached out to the songwriters, musicians and producers that I respect and asked them if they would work with me on one individual song. It was a pure collaboration from writing to recording,” he recalls. “My idea was to share an intense creative experience and not get bogged down in a long drawn out album project.” John says that on this project he has had the pleasure of working with his old friends while making many new friends, creatively, along the way.

John feels now that the idea has taken root, the list of musical partners could most definitely grow. “Who knows, this could be a recording project that never ends and that is a very ‘Good Road to Follow’…”

Click HERE to listen to "Stand Strong", the first single from the project. Request it on your local stations, download it and let's show John that we "stand strong" behind him and support this song.

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