Thursday, March 14, 2013


Daryl Hall and John Oates performed at the DPAC in Durham, NC tonight and John was gracious enough to sit down with our Raleigh team member, Ingrid, and catch up for a bit on what's been going on. We'll post that interview as soon as it's edited and ready to go, but John was so nice to do a video shout out to support our site. We appreciate him so much for taking the time out of his busy schedule to publicly put his stamp of approval on what we do. Y'all go check him out at He's one of music's best artists and has lots of new stuff coming down the pipe that you're gonna love, including a collaboration with Vince Gill. He's already connected with Jimmy Wayne through Jimmy's remake of the Hall and Oates classic, "Sara Smiles". When you think of John, you may think pop but he's got closer ties to country than you might imagine.


Manifan said...

Will an interview be posted?

LovinLyrics said...

Yes, the interview will be posted once we get it put together. Should be by the weekend.