Wednesday, October 2, 2013


There are certain voices in music that were put there for a reason, that you know from the first note were created just for that purpose. They're timeless, flawless and there's just that something that you immediately love. Steve Holy was blessed with one of those voices and just when you think you've heard his best vocals, he tops himself yet again. From "Blue Moon" to "Good Morning Beautiful" to "Love Don't Run", his strength, power and range have only improved with time and his new single, "Radio Up" proves it once again. The single was just released country radio a couple of weeks ago and is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. The single was included in iTunes' "New and Noteworthy" section as one of the top new singles to keep an ear on. As far as serious recording goes, Steve's had a couple of years off to really focus his efforts on the direction he wants to take, choose the perfect songs and make sure his voice is at it's absolute best and I can tell you, having been a dedicated fan for years, he's reached that goal ... he is at his absolute vocal best.

Recently released to country radio, "Radio Up", the first single on Curb's new label MMC. It's is a catchy, mid-tempo song that tells the story we're all too familiar with and every single one of us can relate to, the inevitable impending break up that you know is coming but you don't want to hear, and would do anything to not have to hear those heart breaking words, "it's over". Few artists have a knack for putting you right smack in the middle of the story of a song, but Steve Holy has the ability to do just that. In the song, the subject does what any music lover would do in his position, he turns the "Radio Up" and drowns out the words to music. We've all been that person at least once in our lives, the person with their hand on the volume, turning it up before the words we didn't want to hear reached our ears and our hearts. We have all turned the radio up in life. The song, written by 3 of Nashville's best writers, Brian White ("Watching You", Rodney Atkins), Ben Glover ("Love Don't Run") and Bruce Wallace, is well crafted and will have you singing along probably by the 2nd or 3rd time you've heard it and you will find yourself singing the chorus to yourself even when the song isn't playing. The chorus is catchy and fun and the melody contagious. This is the quality of music that first made people take notice of Steve's talent and it's the kind that will have them want to keep hearing more from him. "Radio Up" will definitely make you want to turn your own "Radio Up".

We think Steve Holy has another top hit on his hands with this one and from the feedback we've seen and heard so far, I think listeners agree. We hope to see him back at the top of the charts where he should be.

On a Marshall amp, I give it a 12 on a scale of 1-11. Turn the "Radio Up", turn it up LOUD!

You can purchase the single on iTunes or on Amazon now.

Please be sure to leave a review of the single when you purchase. Keep requesting the single on your local stations and keep an eye on your music charts because this one's gonna move fast!

Join Steve's official street team at and spread the word. Steve is also on Twitter at @SteveHoly (he's a funny Texas son of a gun) and on Facebook as well.

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