Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Steve Holy is hitting the road for a few October dates. Get your tickets now!

Be sure to download Steve's new single, "Radio Up," for only .69 cents on iTunes. Be sure to leave a review. You can also purchase on Amazon.

You can help make the song, written by Brian White, Bruce Wallace, and Ben Glover, Steve's 3rd #1 hit by coming together and letting your local stations know you want them to play it. #TeamHoly has done it before, let's do it again!

This month to promote "Radio Up", Steve is embarking on a nationwide radio tour through the west coast, the southeast, and the northeast. He will visit stations in California,Oregon, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Missouri, and Colorado.

Below are Steve's October 2013 tour dates:

October 15th- Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill" with US106.1 - Norfolk, VA

October 25th - Renfro Valley Entertainment Center - Mt. Vernon, KY

October 30th- Duke's Bar and Grill with 98.7 The Bull - Portland, OR

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