Monday, August 5, 2013


Country duo North 40, which is comprised of singer/songwriters Paige Logan and Heather Looney, recently released their female anthem "Hey Girl Hey" to country radio and now they are excited to be able to share the official video with fans. Award-winning director Kristin Barlowe shot the exciting video at local Nashville hotspot Canvas.

North 40 is the newest chapter in the lives of Paige and Heather, merging their country roots into a progressive, original new sound. Prolific songwriters, the artists are unveiling their creative collaboration, North 40. Though relatively new as a music duo, the friendship of Paige and Heather goes back almost two decades. Both originally moved to Nashville to pursue music careers, and as life, family, children, etc., sidetracked them a bit, they never lost sight of their artistic dreams. Finally, they decided to take matters into their own hands..."'cause life begins at North 40."

Between writing appointments, performances and music business functions, Paige spends time on her farm tending to horses and raising a variety of organic, non-GMO vegetables and healing herbs. Heather is a wife and mother who is also a domestic taxi driver, chef, nurse to two small children as well as an in-demand decorator.

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