Wednesday, February 12, 2014


By Jennifer Smith - 2/12/14

GAC - #1 On TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2013 
USA Today - #1 Country Album of 2013
People Magazine - Top 10 In Music 2013 - 'Best of New Music To Know' 2013
Time - '25 Best Songs of 2013'
New York Magazine - Best Album 2013
emusic - Top 10 on 100 Best Albums List
Los Angeles Times - Best of 2013
BuzzFeed - '#1 Reason Why Country Music Was Great in 2013'
Country Weekly - #2 on Top 10 Albums of 2013

Brandy Clark's '12 STORIES' album is THE story of the year, but have you heard her story on your local mainstream station? After all of these accolades and praises, is she in the seemingly more and more required Top 20 playlist? No. Why? Because she refuses to fit the "mold" of the current country music cookie cutter artists. Brandy is not a "conveyor belt" artist. She is one of the closest "true country" female artists out there right now and is also one of country's brightest shining stars as a songwriter. Her song "Stripes" is an underground country hit that deserves to break through the dirt and thrive in the sunshine. Let's hope with all of the worldwide industry attention, this trend will start to change because Brandy is an amazing artist and her music deserves to be heard on radio everywhere, not just on satellite, internet and the sporadic independently owned mainstream stations. 

Let's hope people take the time to get to know this outstanding artist in 2014 by speaking out for her music. 

Tell everyone you know that you have a story to tell them, actually that you have "12 Stories" to tell them.

You can find Brandy online at, on Twitter at @TheBrandyClark and on Facebook.

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