Monday, February 24, 2014


CD: 10,000 Towns
LABEL: Universal Republic
WRITTEN BY: Ingrid Loose
TWITTER: @LivestreamGirl

Eli Young Band is back with a brand new, much anticipated cd, "10,000 Towns", set for release March 3, 2014. Here's what our team member, Ingrid, had to say about the cd in her review:

"Starting off with “Drunk Last Night,” the lead off track by the Eli Young Band, this CD is a powerhouse of great music. It’s been quite some time since I’ve liked every song on a CD, but I found myself playing this CD over and over and it just got better the more I listened. The songs are well done with relatable lyrics and upbeat tempo. Even the slower paced songs keep your attention and are well written. I found myself initially finger tapping along with beat and by mid-way through the CD, my whole body was swaying to the music. 

The songs were terrific. Anyone who has ever grown up in a small town will find the title track “10,000 Towns” a feel good song that takes you back to yearning for the small boring traditions that come with small town life. “Dust”, their latest single from the release, is a foot tapping upbeat new favorite song for me. Anyone who's ever dreamed of changing their life, starting new and not looking back, will be cranking up this song with the car windows down, burning their own dust in no time. “Angel Like You” slows things down a bit, a reminder that we all need someone who keeps us grounded, that one person who sticks with us no matter what. “Let’s Do Something Tonight” picks up the pace and makes you want to let go of your inhibitions, do something a little crazy (something that might get others “talking about it in the morning”). Love is captured in all forms as the CD continues and anyone who has loved and lost and is hesitant to give their heart away again will relate to “Your Last Broken Heart” and “What Does” (a song that just might make you cry). “Just Add Moonlight” will get your feet moving to the music and is another new all-time favorite for me, love it! Ever been in a relationship that just doesn’t seem right and you realize it before making the biggest mistake of your life? “Revelations” reminds us that sometimes love doesn’t work out and it’s a good thing. I loved it for it upbeat temp, almost jazzy subtle undertones. The CD rounds out with “Prayer for the Road”, an incredible song about how supporting someone you love with small gestures makes a difference in ways unimaginable. It inspires me to find love as it should be, unconditional.

Bravo Eli Young Band for a CD that offers everything life has - love, the search for meaning of life, happiness, sorrow, choices and consequences. As I listened to the CD, it conjured many different emotions but isn’t that exactly what good music is supposed to do? The whole CD flows well from song to song and is well worth a listen."

"10,000 Towns" is a "must have" for anyone's collection and is the album that finally brings Eli Young Band the attention and recognition they've long deserved. 

You can find EYB online:
Twitter: @EliYoungBand
Facebook: EliYoungBand

You can find this new cd at most internet and retail outlets.

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