Monday, February 24, 2014


Single: "Drunk Dial"
Artist: A Thousand Horses
Written By: Han Van Meegerin
Twitter: @HanVanMeegerin

Photo credit: A Thousand Horses

One doesn't need the powerful sound of an iron horse when the collective voice of A Thousand Horses is on the phone. “Drunk Dial” is their new single.

When I heard the opening lines to “Drunk Dial,”“Girl don't hang up, I called on purpose” in a twangy southern sound, my mind dialed up some Aaron Tippin, “Don't hang up the phone 'cause everything's not gone.” As the song unfolds, I hear further similarity in the meaning and sound of A Thousand Horses,“This ain't no drunk dial” and Tippin's,“Cause there's a whole lotta love on the line.”

Many people will relate to taking the long way home, listening to a song of courage and promising to remember what they will say. The lines “I know I ain't called in awhile” sound eerily like this phone call: “I know I've been away too long. I never got a chance to write or call” from George Strait's song, “I Can Still Make Cheyenne.” One hopes that it will produce a better outcome

This ain't no drunk dial is a powerful plea. The question is, after 3 minutes and 25 seconds will listeners keep A Thousand Horses on the line or simply hang up the phone on “Drunk Dial.” This listener heard the message and will keep “Drunk Dial” in my play list.

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