Monday, March 3, 2014


We had so much fun with the first round of "Question of the Day" last week that we decided to make this a regular weekly feature on #MusicMonday. We post a fan survey of 3 possible questions to ask your favorite artists on Twitter, you choose and on Monday morning, we post it out to as many artists as we can think of and like a crap shoot, see who responds! We had about 30 responses last week and we've reached the same general amount today SO FAR! They're still coming in and we'll add them as we get them. Tune in for the survey to pick the next question later this week and we can't wait until the next round a week from today! This is our way of celebrating and enhancing the connection between fans and artists. Thanks to the artists who jumped in and participate! You make Twitter fun!

If you're not following any of the artists who responded, they're the best Twitter has to offer, not only with talent but with personality and being approachable. Follow them and say hi!

This week's question was "WHAT IS YOUR WORST HABIT?" Check out the responses we got!

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