Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Single: "They All Fall Down (The Barn Song)"
Artist: Tyler Barham
Reviewed By: Han Van Meegerin
Twitter: @hanvanmeegerin

Sometimes it takes a rooster crowing for us to to notice the dawning of a new day. Tyler Barham is that rooster in his song, "They All Fall Down (The Barn Song)". As Barham sings in a new day, he looks beyond the husk of a haggard barn and an empty yard and recalls what was once was a proud center of life that bustled with activity.

This is a melancholy tune. The soft and gentle music style combined with Barham's smooth voice invite listeners to become almost one with the song and to reflect upon the meaning of life through the image of a barn.

All of us are our own barns with the potential for much activity and purpose. However, none of us are exempt from the reality that just as all barns fall down, our lives will one day end and we will become one with the earth.

Turn on Tyler Barham's They All Fall Down, sit back and close your eyes. Who were the barns that rose and fell in your life? What did they stand for and what purpose did they serve?

Make sure to examine your own barn and make sure it is a hub of meaningful activity before it too falls.

Connect with Tyler online:

Official Site - Tyler Barham
Twitter - @TyBlakeBarham
Facebook - www.facebook.com/TylerBarham
iTunes - http://goo.gl/xxFn50
Amazon - http://goo.gl/RqlKER

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