Friday, March 14, 2014


To these smaller stations and internet stations like Renegade Radio who can't afford to report to the larger charts such as Mediabase and Billboard, thank you for taking the time and caring enough to report to smaller charts like Music Row. The average fan does not realize that it's rather expensive to report to the larger charts and many stations just can't afford it. Music Row and smaller charts still give them the option to report how an artist is doing on their stations in an affordable way. This is why some report to Music Row and some choose the larger charts. Every spin, every report counts, period. Anytime an artist makes it onto a chart, regardless of size or "reputation", it shows positive progress for an artist and seeing that people are paying attention and listening helps them keep moving forward and builds confidence for that artist. All artists once started on smaller charts like Music Row. They do count and we appreciate your appreciation for new music and standing up for these artists.

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