Friday, April 4, 2014


DATE: 3/29/14

The Oak Ridge Boys did it again, as they do every show, every city, every performance date - they give the best show possible, a fan interactive show, a fun show, a show that makes you wish it didn't have to end. That's why they are legends in the industry. They never fail to entertain, to keep fans coming back and wanting more.

The bus rolled back into Myrtle Beach, SC on Saturday, March 29 for a "homecoming" of sorts. The boys are on their "Boys Night Out" tour showcasing songs from their upcoming, first ever LIVE cd, "Boys Night Out" (due out on April 15). This isn't an ordinary show with the same old songs, the same old work out stage props, this is just good music done the way only the Oak Ridge Boys can do it, from their hearts straight to yours. One difference with the shows at the Alabama Theatre is that it's the same dedicated crowd, the same smiling faces. These fans know each other, they welcome each other and they support the Oaks as one big family. It truly is such a feel good experience. You can literally feel the warmth and friendliness radiate from those around you, see the smiles on the faces, the anticipation on their faces and the friendship these longtime fans share. It's a unique experience that you just don't get anywhere other than an Oak Ridge Boys show. They not only provide fans an experience, they provide a sense of home, a feeling of love and friendship and they blow the roof off with the music that everyone knows, loves and can sing a-long with. There is an immediate energy in the room that only gets stronger when Richard, Duane, William Lee and Joe take the stage. As referenced in their song, 'Reach Out and Touch a Hand (Make a Friend)', the lyrics "Can't you feel it in your heart now, a new thing is taking shape" truly apply at their shows. People do reach out, they do take your hand, they do make a new friend at each and every show. If you're a new face to the Oaks crowd, you are welcomed with open hearts and open arms. Your heart just feels happy, your mood is wonderful and you can always count on leaving an Oak Ridge Boys show feeling like a new person. If only every country concert had this effect on us! 

Be sure to check out the latest news on, follow them as a group on Twitter at @OakRidgeBoys or individually at @JoeBonsall @DuaneAllen @WLGolden @RASterban. You can also find them on Facebook. They interact regularly and personally with their audience. Pick up their new CD, "Boys Night Out", starting April 15!  

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