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SINGLE: "Buzz Back Girl"
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Best known for hits like “Lover, Lover” and “Drink to That All Night”, Jerrod Niemann has had a variety of success with a variety of songs. His new single, “Buzz Back Girl”, is the 2nd release off of his latest album, “High Noon”, and follows the upcoming trend of "the person you're with inducing a drunk or high feeling on their looks or presence alone." Most notably sparking this trend would be Luke Bryan’s “Drunk On You.” Other more recent examples would be “Ain’t Even Drinking” by Tyler Farr and JT Hodges’ “Already High.” “Buzz Back Girl” starts out with Jerrod drawling “Feels like I’ve been drinking since early in the morning” and goes on to say “Lookin’ like that, lookin’ like that, you don’t even know what you’re doin’ to me, you got my buzz back girl” which is co-writer Lee Brice’s concept behind the song.

Jerrod consistently puts out enjoyable feel-good songs that brighten one’s day or add life to one’s night. I like that Jerrod never releases the same single twice. That is to say, he doesn’t rely on one formula for success, what he releases is a range of songs with different subject matter each time in addition to a different melodic style. From “Lover, Lover” to “Shinin’ On Me” to “Drink to That All Night” and now “Buzz Back Girl” no single is alike, but is always a joy to hear.

You can currently find Jerrod rockin' the tour circuit as part of Keith Urban’s “Raise ‘Em Up” tour.

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