Thursday, August 7, 2014


I've noticed, as a promoter, that some people get offended when you offer to help or they give you the brush off "I'll let you know" and then you never hear from them. I've also come to realize that most of the time, when someone wants to help you, it's not necessarily that they think you need it or that they know something you don't, they simply see something good in you and want to be a part of helping others see that as well.

*Knock Knock!* ... Enter the eager music fan.

Yes, there are those few "borderline stalker" fans out there that do what they can for an artist because they have some deep rooted fantasy that they'll meet, become friends or maybe even BFF's and that this artist will not be able to function without their input or opinion, but for the most part, from my own experience, I've realized that the majority of fans just honestly love the music and see something special in the artist that they want to be a part of seeing them become a success and get their music the recognition they know it deserves. As an artist, let them help if they offer (even in some small way, let them think they're helping you even if it's not in an official capacity.) Fans are your biggest allie and at the same time can be your biggest downfall, depending on how you treat them and whether you include them or not. Fans are your biggest promoters, your best promoters because they're not taking a chunk of your paycheck and they're buying your merchandise, your music, your concert tickets and telling everyone they know about "this great artist" because they believe in YOU, they believe in your music and you have somehow touched them in some tiny or even some huge way. Respect them, ask for their opinions and their feedback. Let them participate in fan driven projects. The biggest way you can "let them help" is to engage with them, communicate with them and thank them for their help. Let them know it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated and that, just as they find time for you, you can find time for them. That is the best way to keep them promoting, keep them buying and keep them talking. They are your biggest and best source of getting your music heard and keeping you in the public eye and in the public's ears.

- Jennifer Smith - Lovin' Lyrics Music Promotions

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