Wednesday, August 13, 2014


SINGLE: "Shut Me Up"
ARTIST: Lindsay Ell
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Lindsay Ell’s newest single “Shut Me Up” is a break-up song about a woman scorned by her man. He’s a cheating, duplicitous dog and she saw them under a tree and is off to tell the world. The girl, who’s unaware that his lips are already spoken for, his mama and the preacher are all included in her rooftop roars. There’s no way you can “shut her up” and who would want to?

She has a rocker chick mixed with country vibe going on in this song. It’s definitely a song that screams power in the vocals and the guitar. Not to be confused with the recently released Old Dominion song of the same name, as it’s the polar opposite wherein a guy who can’t stop talking about his girlfriend that he’s so enamored with.

“If you’re going to kiss, I’m going to tell” is a refrain featured here. If he ever worries that the attention here will die down, no need she’ll make sure it won’t. I wonder what the story behind this song is, if there was actually a guy in her life that she’s drawing from to write and sing this. She screams with ebullition at this previous paramour that has betrayed her in such a grievous manner. I rather like it, she’s talented and enjoyable. The lyrics are clever, the song’s entertaining and I want to hear more from her.

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