Wednesday, August 27, 2014


SINGLE: "Steal Me Away"
ARTIST: Olivia Lane
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Olivia Lane’s new single “Steal Me Away” is a cute pop-country song full of pep. It has hallmarks of young cute Taylor Swift and her earlier songwriting and singing days. It’s about a girl who’s lived a perfectly predictable life in a small town, and now that she’s growing up she’s more wondering about who she is and who’s she becoming. She wants something new, a new boy to “steal her away” and he’s nothing like she’s ever experienced before. It’s definitely an interesting story, after all don’t we all want to have an adventure and experience something different if only for a little while? It’s not that she’s not content and comfortable in her current life, but she’s so curious! Just a taste of something that she hasn’t had before, even if it’s as small as something that’s not her favorite color or the type of shoes she prefers. A whirlwind voyage somewhere that’s not her small comfy-cozy town, however, would be welcome as well. Though at first people may dismiss this song for its poppy sound, Olivia Lane has real vocal talent. I enjoy what an unusual representation of a young girl’s yearn for adventure this is, delivered in a playful 3 minute package. I hope she releases an acoustic song sometime so that we can hear her with everything stripped away and nothing but her voice left.

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