Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It's "Thank A Songwriter Day" here on Lovin' Lyrics. You may not know their names, but you either already know their music or will be hearing it soon. They are often in the background, just a name in a cd's liner notes or "that guy or girl" you saw playing at a local bar, but the music playing from your speakers are their thoughts, their words and their compositions. Thank you to the songwriters for sharing their inner most thoughts, their creativity and their talent with all of us. Without them, we would have no music and our days would be just a little darker.

We will be saying a heartfelt "Thank You" to specific songwriters throughout the day today, spotlighting their background, their bio, some of their lyrics, and a sample of their music. They may or may not be big names, but they all have big talent. Take a minute to find out more about these people and realize just how much their contributions mean to the world of music and to each of our lives. We appreciate them.


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