Wednesday, September 24, 2014


SINGLE: "Saturday Afternoon"
ARTIST: Chuck Wicks
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Chuck Wicks’ newest single “Saturday Afternoon” is exactly what it sounds like.  His ideal Saturday afternoon, a day both relaxing and enlivening.  Wicks and the girl he’s singing about driving out to the country on a Saturday afternoon, seeing what kind of trouble they can get into.  Weather’s good, beer’s waiting and company’s all he wants.  Wicks’ vocals never disappoint and this latest single is no different.  Guitar and percussion add a little island flavor in the background, while keeping the country sound at the forefront.  The line describing what she’s attired in and adorned with “Baby blue jeans little mood ring I can't wait to find out what that purple means” along with our handy friends at Google teaches us that purple on a mood ring either means happy, sensual or a combination thereof. Things would seem to bode well for our protagonist then.

The most memorable phrase here would be “My little kiss-and-tell bombshell” as that’s a picture that’s easily visualized.  A mellow song for a mellow day, I can see this being a success as a summer going into fall song.

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