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We’re reaching back to the beginning of a decade that spawned some of country music’s greats.  Several memorable songs and singers with a distinctive sound.  The decade that brought us Lonestar, Shania Twain, Mark McGuinn, Trick Pony, Terri Clark and finally Clint Black.  These are the artists whose music is timeless and thus are still for the most part around today.  The most famous example is obviously Garth Brooks and his new tour.

Clint Black co-wrote “When My Ship Comes In” with Hayden Nicolas.  Back in the late 80’s, Black had yet to achieve prominence or find that career-launching spark he was looking for.  He and Nicolas met, started writing and went from there.  That spark was ignited instantaneously and Nicolas became Black’s most frequent co-writer, along with his band leader.  (Credit to: Allmusic’s Hayden Nicolas Artist Biography) Still today, they write and play together.  A guitar prodigy, a novelist and a phenomenal vocalist walked into a bar and started writing.  What came of it was this song and many, many others.

 “When My Ship Comes In” is an uplifting song about someone’s bad luck changing.  A dreary, sunless day he can’t help but feel excited about his luck changing soon.  He daydreams about the places he’ll go and the things he’ll do.  Oh it’s going to happen, just you wait.  Obviously, the best dreary day song ever.  His spirit is infectious and a great way to start your own stalled, dreary day.  A way to get away from the impending snow and cold, grab your dog and sail away towards warmth and adventure.  At least that’s what the protagonist did in this video. A 5 minute daydream to start/improve your day - here you go.

Connect with Clint via social media on Twitter and Facebook. He is very hands on with both accounts and is great with connecting with his fans and realizes the importance of that connection and enjoys it. Also be sure to check out his website - for the latest news on new music and tour dates!

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