Friday, November 7, 2014


SINGLE: "Lookin' For a Cowgirl"
ARTIST:  Kristy Lee Cook
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Kristy Lee Cook’s newest single “Lookin’ For A Cowgirl” is a song lauding the cowgirls, saying I know what you’re looking for, this is what I am.  If nothing else, one has to love a song that makes the rhyming connection of camo and ammo.  I’m surprised that’s not happened before.  The memorable line here is “Sugar and spice sure mix in nice when you mix it with a little bit of fire and ice.”  Kristy Lee speaks of the women of country music, the ones that seem all sweet but that you’d hate to piss off, like Miranda Lambert.  Seems sweet as can be and I’d love to meet her but I really wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.  To illustrate the “spice” she speaks of the background beckons a harder rock sound rather than a traditional country sound.

If the name Kristy Lee Cook pulls at a memory from years past, it’s because she was on American Idol in 2008 (finished 7th!) and has released previous singles “15 Minutes Of Shame” and “Airborne Ranger Infantry.”  The woman that Kristy Lee sings about struts confidently throughout the story animatedly assuring her new love interest that she’s what he’s into.  After all, she’s kind of a big deal how could he not be?  I love the straight-up cockiness of this song.  The “Don’t worry I got this” that streams forth is contagious.  I have no doubt that Kristy Lee will work her way onto radio, up the charts and into whosever heart she wants to.

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