Friday, November 21, 2014


SINGLE: "Somewhere Tonight"
ARTIST: James Otto
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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James Otto’s newest single “Somewhere Tonight” could easily be summed up into “Good Lord, I love James Otto!” Not only for this song but also for his previous hits and for his overall demeanor and perhaps most of all for the fact that there for a while he had consistent Stageit shows.  James invited us into his home, introduced us to his beautiful wife and daughter, his slightly off-kilter sense of humor and incredible sense of storytelling.  James if you wanted to dust off that old hat and bring that tradition back I’d be absolutely fine with that.  It’s been far too long since James has popped up on my radar but fear not, he’s been living a jet-setting life!  His next stop is in Pordenone, Italy for Country Christmas Music Festival.  Italy’s a country that seems to get way more country than you would think.  James’ last CD was released in 2010 but with this song it’s evident that he has not missed a beat.  “Somewhere Tonight” is the perfect mix of vocal talent and amp you up music.  “Somewhere tonight there’s adventures happening let’s go find them” is the message here, along with a sort of “we’ve got me you and a car what more do we need?”  There’s a sound present here that country radio desperately needs as it utilizes every typical stage instrument in the best possible way.  The guitar, the drums and the ever-present whoa whoa’s are all executed in a dazzling way.  Add in James’ voice that’s never failed to please and you’ve got a hit! A hit that will grow as soon as it reaches the radio and be such an immersive experience when performed live.  He’s touring all over the US for the next few months so be sure to catch a show!

Connect with James online at his official website, on Twitter and Facebook.

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nascarholly said...

I love James SO much!!! (big smile)

God bless you and him always!!!

Holly in East Tennessee