Tuesday, December 16, 2014


SINGLE: "Black Crow"
ARTIST: Mitchell Tenpenny
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Mitchell Tenpenny’s debut single “Black Crow” is made distinct by his unique voice.  The whisper-rasp he has going on seems though it would be better suited for 90’s alt-pop.  Considering there were bands and songs we all have loved from that era that’s not necessarily a negative thing, it’s just uncommon for today’s country music.  With musical comparisons and influences such as John Mayer and Matchbox 20, it’s easy to see where that came from.  A Nashville native through and through, Tenpenny grew up surrounded by music of all kinds.  Country in his blood and music in his heart, he has created a sound like no other.  Electing to grow his musical education in any form he could, he attended the nearby Middle Tennessee State University to greater sharpen his musical acumen.  “Black Crow” is the result.  Tenpenny co-wrote “Black Crow” with Brad Clawson, the possibility of them both being Nashville royalty shines through, with Tenpenny’s grandmother being Sony/Tree Music Publishing music exec and one can’t help but wonder what, if any relation to famed songwriter Rodney Clawson Brad Clawson bears.

 A story about a relationship from beginning to painful end, from when he fell so hard until the end when she ran off with his heart still firmly enmeshed within her.  Screaming for help from the emergent services he implores “Call 911 and let them know, there’s a thief on the loose running off with my heart.”  Whoa now buddy, are the officials really needed here?  Chase her down and get it back yourself!  A mystery of a story for certain, one can’t help but wonder if his heart was ever reclaimed or if he drove himself crazy searching and hearing that tell-tale heart like in another famed mystery of lost heart.

Mitchell Tenpenny plays at The Listening Room in Nashville, be sure to catch a show sometime!

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