Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Contributor: Alyse Smith
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This Way Back When Wednesday I present to you David Ball’s “Thinkin’ Problem!” 20 years ago, the song that launched Ball’s career was released. “Thinkin’ Problem” was the debut album for Ball’s solo career as he had had a Texas band before he packed up the truck and headed to Nashville. It went platinum over platinum and the singles off of it charted with absurd skyrocketing success. The perfect mix of old with new emerging country went over like gangbusters between Nashville and Texas both. So much so, he was nominated for a Grammy the following year. Today, this song hasn’t missed a step proving that it spans so much of country music and the years from then until now. He’s also famous for “Riding with Private Malone” a great story about a guy, a veteran’s Corvette, and a hero that saved more lives than anyone would have thought. “Thinkin’ Problem” is about a girl who he just can’t get off his mind. It’s not a typically uplifting song but I defy you not to smile when you hear this song. “Yes I do admit…” Anytime anyone hears David Ball they’re going to smile, it’s a law of nature, much as Einstein or Newton has professed them before.


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