Monday, February 16, 2015


SINGLE: "My Mistake"
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Cam’s debut single “My Mistake” is a strange song. No way around it, it’s just simply strange. Full of equal parts of hope and depression in the lyrics with an upbeat poppy sound in the song’s arrangement. The chorus, though of obvious ear-worm quality is probably not what you should listen to after a break-up or any heart-hurt times. The rest of the song however, is exactly what you should listen to during those times. All in a peppy well-sung package as well. From the chorus we have: “Just another heartache in waiting, just another sweet-talking dream that ends in lonely nights.” Which if you’re feeling hopeless or at all aggrieved after your last break-up is probably not what you’re wanting to hear. Then when you listen to the story behind the chorus you get lines like: “This bar’s full of locals, tourists, drunks and we’re all hopeful.” along with “Give us a shot, the world is ours,” thinking of ourselves as “movie stars” and my favorite “Tomorrow’s gonna be long but it’s worth it to feel the spins of alcohol and freedom.” So full of hope, so energizing, so full of resilience and opportunity, this is exactly what you should listen to after a break-up or any just down day. Wrapped into a single package of conflict ending with hope, adventure and the promise of very, very good stories, “My Mistake” is an ultimately uplifting, fun and bizarre song. A smorgasbord full of desolate times and the excitement that comes with a new odyssey or short-lived fling, “My Mistake” will soar up the charts for every drop of its overt talent and oddities present.

 Put it on your Friday play list to start the weekend off right, turn it up when it comes on the radio and improves an ordinary day, sing along and make it your anthem because it’s your mistake to make.

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