Wednesday, June 3, 2015


On the first “Way Back When Wednesday” of June, first I thought we’d take a second to wish you a Happy June and a Happy Summer.  Secondly, Happy CMAfest/Fan Fair time! Less than a week to go!  There will be so many artists and fans alike in Nashville and many of those esteemed, prominent artists will be playing the Riverfront Stage as well as many others.  Lonestar will in fact, be playing the Riverfront Stage on Sunday June 14th!  Coincidentally, that’s who we’ve chosen to focus on for today’s “Way Back When Wednesday”, Lonestar with their 1995 hit “Runnin’ Away With My Heart.”

Released on their self-titled debut album, “Runnin’ Away With My Heart” is quintessential 90’s country.  Lonestar played a large part in shaping 90’s country (and country beyond that) with this song at the helm. Written by Lonestar lead guitarist and vocalist Michael Britt, Mark D. Sanders and Sam Hogin, “Runnin’ Away With My Heart” is about a guy who’s fallen so hard for the girl he’s with, she’s running away with his heart.  Ritchie McDonald and Lonestar start out with acquiring a faster car.  “Hey Buddy can you get me some faster wheels I got a heartache nippin' at my heels I'll be hurtin' if she gets a big head start.”  Even as he catches up to her, his heart is never surrendered as “even when I'm holdin' her tight She's running away with my heart.”  Does his heart ever become his again? Does she surrender hers in exchange? We may never know, but it’s easy to see how this song, as well as the entire “Lonestar” album launched a career.  The now-famous debut album houses hits such as “Runnin’ Away With My Heart,” “Tequila Talkin’,” “No News” and many others.  The writing prowess of the entire band as well as the instrumentals and vocals is a clear blueprint of great country music that continues to be used today.

And go to see them at Riverfront! Happy CMAfest/Fan Fair Everybody!

Contributor: Alyse Smith
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