Monday, August 3, 2015


-National Expansion August 1st-
Globally Connecting Sound for Musicians and Fans Alike

A brand new social media website was launched on August 1 in Music City. GlocoSound, or Globally Connecting Sound, is the music-oriented social networking site that is geographically amplified. It is the best of video sharing, social networking and business connecting, and it’s absolutely FREE.

GlocoSound allows users to create a personal profile with video; a chance to be seen and heard. This can be finely tuned to a specific GlocoSound Select-City, which makes the whole experience much more personal. GlocoSound launches in Nashville today and will be available nationally this summer. Already, there have been requests for International connections so that will be included in the next phase.

Users can upload covers, originals, or anything else they want. If a visitor likes the video, they may visit the artist’s profile page and request a connection, which would allow the two parties to chat. Networking is an important part of music business and GlocoSound allows for a very unique way of connecting.

“I believe that giving artists a platform to work together towards their individual goals is exciting. GlocoSound is that platform and I am looking forward to watching it happen,” said Tanner Adams, Founder of GlocoSound. “Imagine entire cities being connected, not just with each other but across the globe; writing new songs, creating music together, becoming stars, accomplishing goals, making friends – all through the simple love of music. I’m excited to watch the big world of music become a much smaller place.”

Give it a try, see what you think! Together, as music fans and as artists, we can spread the love of music and increase the chances of potential fans connection with new music! This is a great springboard for new artists and an additional avenue for artists who have already established a following to increase their audience nationwide!

Start your Glocosound account here and increase your fan base!

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