Friday, September 23, 2016


CD: "Nighthawk"
ARTIST: Charlie Daniels
REVIEWER: Jennifer Smith
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Without having heard the first song, two words told me right off the bat this was going to be a great CD - Charlie Daniels. The second thing that told me this was going to be a great cd, the title of the first track - Big Balls in Cowtown. How can you go wrong with Charlie Daniels and Big Balls? They're synonymous! He's known for having the biggest balls out there when it comes to patriotism and speaking his mind AND he's known for great music. It's an instant winner! Ding! Ding! So with those two things going for it already, I decided to put on my Bose noise cancelling ear phones, tune out the world and tune in a country legend.

Charlie took a little different road with this one so if you're looking for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", you're on the wrong map. This time, he decided to delve into the cowboy tradition and with a musical Larry McMurtry style, he's roped a hit with acoustic performances, classic covers of hits by Bob Wills and Stan Jones and the Death Valley Rangers, a kick of western swing, and classic Charlie Daniels story telling truth. If you listen close enough, your mind will envision stories being sung around a roaring campfire accompanied by a lonely harmonica and the howl of a distant coyote. "Nighthawk" digs down deep and resurrects the deep drawl of grandpa's fiddle, the strum of the banjo and the familiar sound of classic Appalachia. Once again, Charlie does his own thing and it works perfectly. 

Track by Track  

Track 1 - "Big Ball's in Cowtown"
Track 2 - "Billy the Kid"
Track 3 - "Nighthawk"
Track 4 - "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)"
Track 5 - "Goodnight Loving Trail"
Track 6 - "Ghost Riders in the Sky - A Cowboy Legend"
Track 7 - "Running with the Crowd"
Track 8 - "Old Chisholm Trail"
Track 9 -  "Can't Beat the Damned Ole Machine"
Track 10 - "Yippie Ki Yea"

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