Wednesday, March 15, 2017


There's something refreshing about an artist who is willing to play the game with a straightforward atttitude, yet keep it fun and who isn't afraid to play outside the box. Parker Willingham is exactly that kind of artist. Being from the Florida Panhandle, he has deemed himself a "beach dwelling redneck" and even though country is his chosen genre, he opens his musical mind to all kinds of music from various genres and artists. His voice is a little muddy and gritty and his style projects an almost "dirty clarity" by infusing blues and a tenderness with his country tinged vocals. He can take you from bar room to ballad in a matter of a 3.5 minute song.

Parker has performed in the US at such well known stages as  Tootsie's, The Stage, Crazytown. He's rocked festivals like the Mullet Festival and the Destin Seafood Festival and he's crossed country borders and taken his music internationally with yearly tours in Switzerland. He's making his presence known worldwide and taking country to places not many artists have ventured.

His new single, "You Get Me Every Time" is an example of Parker's softer side, his twang cutting right through the emotion like a steel blade. The single is right on time with today's current music yet also kind of takes you to another place and brings to mind a special someone that these lyrics were made for in your own life. It also brings a smile to your face without even realizing it. It's the song a girl wishes someone had written about her. It's a melodic expression of honest love.

"With that long kiss, bitin' my lip, that smile that makes me lose my grip, the way you hold me when the water's deep, the way you don't hold back when you're lovin' me. It's those blue eyes that stop me on a dime, baby you get me every time."

Love this song and hope to hear more from Parker Willingham.

“You Get Me Every Time” will be available via all major digital retail and streaming outlets on March 20, 2017.

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