Friday, March 16, 2018


CD: "17th Avenue Revival"
Artist: Oak Ridge Boys
Release Date: 3/16/18
Reviewer: Jennifer Smith
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A revival is about unity, coming together and an excited awakening of the soul. The new CD from the Oak Ridge Boys, "17th Avenue Revival", will excite the soul and kick start the heart of it's listener through a new, yet familiar sound. Like the name of their new tour, "Shine the Light", this CD shines a bright light on faith and brings us all together, back to good place in controversial times.

When the Oak Ridge Boys met with producer Dave Cobb, this CD was a hit before any words were sung. Dave did what he's known best for - changing direction. He took them from their comfort zone and took them outside the walls of that box, gave them a nudge down a new road with a familiar destination - the avenue of soul and spirit. No one can bring more excitement and enthusiasm to a song like Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban. This CD is no different in that respect, but it is different in it's spiritual energy. It's a shock to the system that we all need right now, one that gets us back on our feet and one of a certain confidence. It's literally a revival of the soul. This project wasn't about trying to impress radio or trying to ride the charts, it's about putting the soul back into a song and that song putting the soul back into it's listener. Simple yet so complex, much like the Oak Ridge Boys themselves. This CD is everything the Oak Ridge Boys themselves are - honest, assertive, dynamic and determined.

The first track released from the CD, "Brand New Star" has already made an impression through their performances of the song on various television appearances on shows like "Huckabee" and Hallmark's "Home and Garden". Another song on the CD, "Pray to Jesus", a Brandy Clark/Shane McAnally burst of lyrical brilliance, has hit a high note with listeners. Great reviews of both songs are showing up on social media every day and Rolling Stone named it as one of the top 10 songs for February 2018.

"17th Avenue Revival" is a turning point and yet another milestone for the Oaks. I would bet the farm that you'll be seeing award nominations for this one. Get ready to bring home some more hardware for that trophy cabinet, Boys. You earned it with this one!
You can purchase the CD online today at most digital outlets or you can order directly from The project is available on their website as a physical CD, on vinyl or cassette! They were offering some really cool Edison Cylinder versions but those sold out quicker than you could get onto the page to purchase!

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