Monday, August 20, 2018


Those of you who listen to WRNS in eastern NC and to B93.9 in Raleigh or if you work in radio, you more than likely know Carletta Blake and if you're a new signed artist who's done radio tours at either station, you know she's one of the first to try to help you get your music out even if she can't play it on her station. Country is a genre that's about jumping in when needed and about giving back. Well, her family is in need and if you can give back in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

On August 18, her husband's parents' house caught on fire. There is basically nothing left of the home, including their belongings and one of their family pets, Elsa. Perry, my father-in-law, was life-flighted to Columbus, OH and is currently in the hospital with complications from smoke in his lungs (he's recently had throat cancer and has a trach which allowed a lot of smoke to pass directly into his lungs.) If you are in the Lancaster/Columbus area and can contribute, or know how they can try to get assistance, with basic living items (clothes, food, toiletries, etc) please let me know. If you can make a monetary donation, even a small one, that would be wonderful, too. They were living on assistance and didn't have renter's insurance, so there will be no other funds coming in. They've called the Red Cross and they are helping cover some of Perry's medication, which is great. Please reach out to me with any other ideas or if you know another way we can help them and thank you in advance for all your love and prayers. They need as many blessings as they can get at this moment. Please share and pass the word.

Thank you!

- Jenn

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