Tuesday, February 25, 2020


I posted this last year and it came up this morning on my memories. It made me stop and think AGAIN and hit home AGAIN so I'm gonna post it AGAIN.

The Twitter post by David Nail from February 23, 2019 is so spot on.

We're all so quick to criticize what we don't like and what we don't agree with. Artists hear so much criticism, they hear the word "no" more than most of us do every day, they hear all day long what every thinks they're doing "wrong", how people don't like this song or that song, and even how they handle their personal lives. It's no wonder so many amazingly talented artists give up. There are bigger issues to focus my energy on rather than wondering why an artist chose to do a song I don't like or why they took a path I don't agree with. Who cares?

As "some blogger", I try to focus on the positive but I have been guilty of complaining, "Bashing" and being just negative just like every one else because I am so passionate about good music and how great artists are being looked over for this or that while others are put on pedestals for a mediocre and sometimes just plain bad product and complaining that "this isn't country or that isn't country", but this made me stop and think that it doesn't help them and the whole reason I do this is to help, not hinder and certainly not to create doubt about their abilities.

From today forward, you won't hear me be critical about what I don't like without at least trying to be constructive about why it doesn't work for me. I believe artists need more constructive feedback and not just "that sucks" or "I hate that song." The internet opens up such an uninhibited environment to say what you want under an umbrella of anonymity and it has to be hard for artists to read this all day, every day. Yes, I know being in the public eye puts you under intense scrutiny and you know what you're signing up for, but starting today, I choose not be part of that never ending negative scrutiny. I'd rather spend my time showing the positive that another artist is doing than spending my time, and yours, talking about what I don't like about another artist and their music. Those songs speak for themselves, the really good music sometimes needs the bigger voice.

Thank you David for making me stop and think ...

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