Friday, February 7, 2020


The Marcus Lindsey Band is back! If you like your country with twang, roots and tradition, you won't get a bigger tip of the hat than these guys. They live it, they breathe it and they stand by the sound that defined a genre. With old school country songs like "One Less Fool in Amarillo" and "It's What You Don't" under their belts, their core audience is gonna love this one and if you're a country music fan and not familiar with this group, we think you'll become a new part of that core audience.

The new single, "An Empty Glass, a nod to the original 1964 classic by Gary Stewart, this song is a breath of fresh air in a stale pop-country room. In a vast sea of electric guitars, drum loops, snap tracks and the same melody/different lyrics comes a familiar, yet lonely steel cry. The song tells the story so well. We've all been there, not all of us literally as the lyrics state, but we've all been that lonely cry of the steel at one point in our lives and we've all been staring at "an empty glass" through the eyes of love and loss.

An empty glass
That last cigarette
It's closing time
And I'm drunk again

But somehow I'll make it home
And cry myself to sleep
That's how my day ends
Every night for me

Every night I'm in some bar
Pouring whiskey on a heart that's on fire
Forgetting you is no easy thing
Each night for me always ends the same

With an empty glass
That last cigarette
It's closing time
And I'm drunk again

The song title may be "An Empty Glass", but this glass is anything but lacking. This song is a full glass for any traditional country music fan, one that will be refilled over and over again by fans thirsty for a change. This, my friends, is top shelf country.

The single is available for streaming and download on all major digital outlets. 
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