Saturday, September 5, 2020


Taylon Hope, has released her new single, “If It Wasn’t For The Storms,” to all digital music platforms today. The country music songwriter and performing artist wrote the song with Bill Diluigi and it was produced by Pete Sallis and Kent Wells in Nashville, TN.  Stream and download the song on all major digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and more here.

“I wanted to release this song to remind us all what we continue to overcome together and to show that through these storms there has been so much good that has come,” shared Taylon Hope.

"Taylon is an artist talented way beyond her age. I was honored to help produce If It Wasn't For The Storm. She is one of the best singers in Nashville and is going to make her mark!" remarked Pete Sallis.

“Taylon Hope is steadily blossoming into one of Nashville’s brightest new artists and I’m excited to be part of her new release of “If It Wasn’t For The Storms,” emphasized Kent Wells! “Its timely message and soulful vocals really hit home with all that is happening in the world!”

“...The whirlwind was blowing like crazy last night
Said good morning to my neighbor
And Asked if she was alright
oh There wasn’t any power
So we sat on the porch
Wondered why we didn’t get around to that some more”

If it wasn’t for a dark hard gray sky or two
wouldn’t feel the wonder even see the color when it turns to blue
We wouldn’t all get together to make the best of bad weather and every day would be like the day before
For all us lonely raindrops if it wasn’t for the storms…”

The song was written just a few days after the Tornado hit Nashville in March. Taylon had been helping clean up downtown and stopped to take a break when she looked around and was brought to tears looking at the damage. Looking around there were so many people helping one another. Neighbors knocking on doors and complete strangers helping pull cars and trees off of homes. The warmth of the sun shining on her face made her realize at that moment that we were all going to come through this. This was a life changing moment for Taylon unknowing that right behind this tragic event, would follow a world pandemic of Covid-19. It's been a storm, but through it all people have had to step up, come together and take care of one another. The hope with this song is that it will remind others that through it all we have each other and that there is good in this world if we look for it. We all need each other, we are all the same no matter our color our race, we are all in this world together and we need each other. This song is about reminding people there is hope even through the worst of storms. 

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