Saturday, September 5, 2020


Independent country artist Douglas Riley has released his latest single and music video, "That Muddy Water." The video premiered yesterday.
"That Muddy Water" was written by and produced by Riley. The music video was directed and produced by Flick Wiltshire.
"'That Muddy Water' is about a struggling artist like me moving away from home and being alone in a big city and realizing it is harder that he thought it was going to be," says Riley. "In the song, I'm lonely in this city I've moved to and I start looking back and reminiscing on the days of my youth, a high school love and happier times."
"By now I can finally see
The only thing that is still clear to me
Is that muddy water, was it all just a dream?
Does it even matter, part of that small town scene
You kissed me on the lips, I have you in my arms
Right there on the front steps of your daddy's farm
Soon as I think I've moved on since then
I close my eyes and I'm knee deep again
In that muddy water."

"I am grateful for the opportunity to share this video so people can get to know me better as a person and as an artist," states Riley

"That Muddy Water" is the second single released from Riley's forthcoming album, 'A Love Like That.' His previous single, "Colorblind," addressed his personal desires for greater understanding, compassion, and the need for racial unity in America.

The single is now available to stream and purchase at all major digital outlets HERE.

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