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“Take Me Away” Available Everywhere Now
Reckless Available Friday, March 19

Follows Rolling Stone “Pick of the Week” Opening Track “Wilder Days”

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From Rolling Stone’s raving “polished country-rock gem” to Teen Vogue’s “perfectly scratchy voice and rock-bluegrass influences” declaration, along with features on 30 playlists amassing over 750,000 streams ahead of its release, Virginia-native Morgan Wade’s forthcoming record Reckless continues to build steam ahead of its Friday, March 19 release. The third-of-10 release is out today, “Take Me Away.” Listen to the new track and pre-order the album HERE.

“I wrote ‘Take Me Away’ almost two years ago,” shares Wade. “It’s about being vulnerable and letting someone in. Being able to let down your guard and really let someone love you.”

The track opens with Wade’s soft lilt over an acoustic guitar accented with sustained vibraphone hits, before leading into a chorus of her familiar Virginia-native growl that makes the decision about accepting her potential lover feel like life or death:

I’ve been looking for some peace of mind
With you here, I think it’s time

Lay me down on the floor in the kitchen
Show my angry heart what I’ve been missing
Baby, take me away

I’m so tired of living alone
Won’t you rest my angry bones?
Baby, take me away

Fans may recognize the song, as Wade explains, “I had never released the song, just played it live – but when I did, it was titled ‘Angry Bones.’ We went with the name ‘Take Me Away’ instead for the official track. It’s funny though, to see the reaction from people who thought ‘Angry Bones’ didn’t make the record. When they hear ‘Take Me Away,’ it’s kind of like ‘gotcha!’”

Wade announced highly-anticipated Reckless with the release of critically acclaimed opening track “Wilder Days,” landing on Rolling Stone’s “Country Music Picks of the Week” where it earned praise as a “polished country-rock gem” as “the guitars chime, the bass snakes along” with an “unmistakable Eighties vibe,” while Teen Vogue notes the track invokes “driving music nostalgia in the vein of Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Seventeen.’”

Working alongside producer Sadler Vaden, long-time guitarist for Jason Isbell as well as an acclaimed solo artist, and engineer Paul Ebersold, the trio shaped songs Wade has written over the years and developed what The Boot praises as “a debut album of the ages” with “ten gorgeously crafted tracks…combining Wade’s ace songwriting with lush, but not overpowering melodies.”

Wade, now 26, only began performing in public seven years ago at 19, when she put her backing band the Stepbrothers together via Craiglist and discovered she loved the stage. Since then, the singer-songwriter has taken her writing and her voice public, with Whiskey Riff declaring, “Morgan combines a powerful, bone-chilling voice with close-to-the-heart lyrics and open, honest songs about the struggles of everyday life and love…every fan who wants their music real, raw and true, can find solace in Morgan Wade.”

For more information, follow Wade on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Reckless Track List:

1. Wilder Days (Morgan Wade, Sadler Vaden)
2. Matches and Metaphors (Morgan Wade, Sadler Vaden)
3. Other Side (Morgan Wade)
4. Don't Cry (Morgan Wade, Paul Ebersold)
5. Mend (Morgan Wade, Paul Ebersold)
6. Last Cigarette (Morgan Wade, Sadler Vaden, Paul Ebersold)
7. Take Me Away (Morgan Wade)
8. Reckless (Morgan Wade, Sadler Vaden)
9. Northern Air (Morgan Wade, Sadler Vaden)
10. Met You (Morgan Wade)

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