Friday, February 5, 2021


It's been awhile since I felt the need to sit down and talk about a song that's affected me, because honestly, the direction of country music has not excited me like it once did and until now, it's been a long time since a song has really impacted me. From the first time I heard this song, the message has stuck with me. That's what a good song does, what a truly thoughtful and meaningful song does - it stays, it finds it's way to a deeper place than most others and it calls that place a home. "2020", the new single from songwriter Mitch Rossell IS that song. 

Thank you Mitch for the genuine, heartfelt reminder that we're headed down the wrong pate and we need to do better, ALL OF US. We need to reach out to each other instead of pushing each other in a different direction. We need to give instead of always taking. Extend a hand and extend your heart. We need to love instead of hate. All we have is each other, that's just the basic truth. We depend on one another in times of need, we lean on each other in times of grief, we sing with each other to our favorite songs and we laugh with each other. If we don't have each other, what do we really have? Let's work towards being friends again, the world has enough enemies. We're better than that. We really are. I hope you'll take his words to heart and please share this song with people you know, request it on your local stations.

On December 22, 2020, just a few days after writing this song, Mitch Rossell posted a 30 second clip on TikTok asking “what do y’all think of this song – should I release it?” Within a few days of explosive views and comments the answer was clear. “2020” was released on December 29th and has been blowing up online ever since.

“For the last few months I’ve been really frustrated with myself. As 2020 unfolded, I have watched the divide in our country grow bigger. The hate, confusion, turmoil, violence and strife has been taxing on all of us. As a songwriter, I felt like I should be using my gift to say something. Be a light. Do something. Anything. I just couldn’t seem to ever find the words.” - Mitch Rossell

Hey God, we need some help down here
The devil’s been a busy man, bullyin’ us all year
He’s spinnin’ lies, made us pick a side, now our fists are up
We’re headed down a path where a mask, can’t save us


So Lord I pray, with all my night
Help us see each other...through your eyes
Let’s take the red, take the blue, wave the white, call a truce
Build a bridge across the line drawn through this country
Before hindsight’s 2020

Hey God, could you shine a light
Cause it’s hard for love to grow, in weeds this high
It’s gotten dark, we need a spark, of your gospel truth
Cause in the end we’re all the same even though we’re different too

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah regret is closing in
We’ve had the milk and honey
We can get it back again

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey God, we need some help down here....

First week debut:

#1 Billboard Country Digital Song Sales
#11 Billboard All Genre Digital Song Sales
15 million Facebook Video streams/views in first month with 535k Facebook shares
4+ million TikTok views in one month

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