Wednesday, April 28, 2021


As music fans, we're all here for one reason, to be activists for music and those that create it. Here are some great tips to be a great activist and get your voice heard. Be loud, stand up and start talking.

1.) Start small. You don't have to go all out, just start.
2.) Act locally, go listen to local bands, give local artists a chance.
3.) Be open minded. 
4.) Listen to those you're trying to help. They know what they need, you may not.
5.) Be willing to change your opinion through listening to those of others.
6.) Acknowledge that your way isn't always the best way.
7.) See the big picture and pay attention to the details.
8.) See something bigger than yourself.
9.) Look at the situation through a child's eyes, as someone coming in for the first time, look for things that you know something about.
10.) Pay attention to what's not only being said, but what isn't being said.
11.) Don't be afraid to try new avenues, new ways of doing things, update your thinking.
12.) There is a box, think outside of it, outside of your comfort zone.
13.) Gain experience and learn from it.
14.) Know what you're talking about before you say something and think before you put it out there. Educate yourself.
15.) Surround yourself with people interested in the same cause.
16.) You're not going to be right 100% of the time, no one is. Admit it ahead of time, accept it and live with it.
17.) Don't take yourself so seriously. Lighten up.
18.) Don't feel like you're not doing enough, caring enough to do something is more than enough.
19.) Make the effort, not excuses.
20.) Focus on why what you're fighting for will work, not the reasons it might not.
21.) Do what you feel is right and what YOU truly believe in.
22.) If you can't put your heart into it, take yourself out of it.
23.) Be genuine, be authentic, be yourself. There are enough people out there trying to be like someone else, just be you. There is only one of those.
24.) Don't be afraid to question something if you feel it's wrong.
25.) Stand up, even if you're the only one standing.
26.) Speak up, no one will hear if you don't say anything.
27.) Speak your own voice, don't be someone else's echo.
28.) Get off your ass and do something about it, don't just talk about it.
29.) Believe that you make a difference.
30.) Be proud of what you do and don't give up doing it, even when that's the only thing you want to do.
31.) Keep it kind.
32.) BE HONEST. People know the difference and if they don't, they will find out the truth. Don't say you're an "experienced radio promoter" if you're just a fan reaching out to radio on your artist's behalf. They know what an experienced radio promoter is. Just be as honest in your endeavors as you would want people to be with you. Honesty goes a lot further with people.

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