Sunday, December 12, 2021


Radio seems to be the standard that most people seem to use to gauge if a song is good or not. If they play it, it must be the best out there. Nothing could be more off base. Yes, radio is a standard but it’s not a rule, especially over the last few years. I have found more truly quality music just by listening to the recommendations of others, through social media, satellite radio and surfing streaming services than I have found on the every day FM dial. Don’t get me wrong, I know radio is a business and I will be the first to say there are some amazing dj’s, program directors and promotion directors that would much prefer to also change the norm and I appreciate them for it, but while radio sticks to the corporate machine of making playlists filled with the ones that bring in the biggest bucks, I choose to curate my playlist of the “not so standard” songs that you don’t hear on every station every other hour, those that make the biggest impact on me personally.

Below are my top 50 most listened to songs of 2021. There may be a few mainstream songs on the list, but for the most part, you  may not have heard of some of these artists and I encourage you to give them a listen,

In these songs, I danced, I sang along loud and very much off-key, I smiled, I cried and I thought of things I hadn’t thought of in years. I related to the story, went back to a time when I was happiest and I found myself again. I hope you were able to find the songs that did this for you. Thank you to the artists who made my year in music a good one. I appreciate you more than you realize.

(I know, some were actually released in 2020 but didn’t really make their impression on me until this year.)

1.) “More Hearts Than Mine” - Ingrid Andress

2.) “God’s Got This” - Frank Myers

3.) “Buy Dirt” - Jordan Davis & Luke Bryan

4.) “Wyoming” - Skip Ewing

5.) “God is Good” - Troy Cartwright

6.) “Cover the Earth” - Ray Scott

7.) “Middle Man” - Kasey Tyndall

8.) “Home” - Jessie Ritter

9.) “Good Ol’ Dogs and God” - Pryor & Lee

10.) “Til You Can’t” - Cody Johnson

11.) “Travelin’ Soldier” - Home Free

12.) “Jesus and You” - Todd Tilghman

13.) “Easy on the Eyes” - Texas Hill

14.) “Don’t Talk About God” - Jason Tucker

15.) “ABBY” - Travis Denning

16.) “Long Walk” - Brandy Clark

17.) “Smilin’ on My Way” - Ray Scott

18.) “I’m Not For Everyone” - Brothers Osborne

19.) “I Was On a Boat That Day” - Old Dominion

20.)”I’m Not Going Anywhere” - Kelly Lang

21.) “Stealing Home” - James Robert Webb

22.) “I’m Gonna Love You” - Lance Carpenter

23.) “The Truth” - Drew Smith

24.) “29” - Carly Pearce

25.) “American Rust” - Ernest

26.) “You’re Gonna Love Me” - Hannah Dasher

27.) “Carolina to Me” - Scotty McCreery

28.) “Over Drinkin’ Under Thinkin’” - Drake Milligan

29.) “7 Summers” - Morgan Wallen

30.) “Wet Dream” - Austin Burke

31.) “Power of Garth” - Lucas Hoge

32.) “Leave it To A Woman” - Scooter Brown Band

33.) “Hard Time” - Cash Creek & Larry Stewart

34.) “Younger Me” - Brothers Osborne

35.) “Love Like I Drink” - Carter Winter & Allie Colleen

36.) “Sinners Only” - Chris Wallin

37.) “I’d Take Another One of Those” - Shenandoah & Zac Brown Band

38.) “Mountain Delight” - Desert City Ramblers

39.) “Blazer” - Luke Dick & Dierks Bentley

40.) “Out in the Rain” - Cory Marks

41.) “I’m No Good For Me” - Mercy Shine

42.) “God Bless the Boy (Cori’s Song)” - Cody Johnson

43.) “Bye Mom” - Chris Janson

44.) “Drink in My Hand” - Clark Hill

45.) “Good for Me” - Cotter Hill

46.) “Fist Through This Town” - Charlie Worsham

47.) “My Kind of Country” - TJ Harris

48.) “Son of a Sinner”- JellyRoll

49.) “Lady Down on Love” - Ward Davis

50.) “Love, Light and Healing” - The Oak Ridge Boys

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