Monday, December 13, 2021


Some good stuff released to digital outlets lately -  go check 'em out and please #sharethemusic!

If you are able to leave a review on the digital outlet that you use, please do so and let the artist know how you like the song. These reviews are so helpful to an artist and their team. If you don't like the song, be constructive in your review, not rude. The point is to help these artists, not discourage them. And yes, I know there are LOTS of good songs that have been released lately and they're not all listed here. I choose the ones that stand out to me and those might not always stand out to you but at least you've heard about them. Most of the time they won't be by artists who saturate today's country radio but there might be one or two in there if the song hits me right.

Be sure to check out the artist's websites and find out more about them and the latest tour dates. If you like the song and it's available to purchase as a download, please consider this as opposed to simply streaming. Any money in the artist's pocket is better than none.

Connect with the artists on social media and let them know they're being heard and appreciated.


"I Wanna Be Your Tonight" - Joe Nichols

"Paint This Town" - Old Crow Medicine Show

"Whiskey Prayer" - Jay Allen

"These Hands" - Josh Gallagher

"All We Are Is Memories" - Houston Bernard

"I Can't Count That High" - Wyatt McCubbin

"I Miss You Bad" - Matt Kennon

"A Country Boy Can Survive" - Monarch Cast, Trace Adkins

"This Young" - Sarah Buxton

"Freefall" - Matt Freedman

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