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The 12-Song, Show Dog Nashville Debut 
in Partnership with Thirty Tigers 
Set for Release July 8

Delivers First Taste of New Music with Nostalgic “Summers Like That

A native of Lorena, Texas, singer/songwriter Kimberly Kelly has spent years in both the Texas and Nashville music scenes earning an education in experiences that have made her both fearless in her approach to creating and unafraid to defy convention when it comes to industry expectations. Those years of hard work, all while also earning a Master’s degree and working fulltime, culminated last summer in a long-awaited record deal with Show Dog Nashville. Now she is set to make her label debut with the album, I'll Tell You What's Gonna Happen, available July 8, via Show Dog Nashville in partnership with Thirty Tigers. Pre-order or pre-save HERE.

Off stage Kelly possess an inviting warmth mixed with sly self-deprecation, a winsome combo only earned with some life experience, self-awareness and nothing to prove on stage just the goods to stop a listener in their tracks. "This is not my first rodeo," Kelly says of her label debut. "I worked really hard in Texas before I came to Nashville. I wrote songs, put out records, did a radio tour, and played every weekend while going to school and working full-time.”

Produced by Brett Tyler, Kelly’s husband and a hit songwriter himself with No. 1s like “Cold Beer Calling My Name” under his belt, the album’s title is a clever nod to her friend and fellow Texas musician, the late Country Music Hall of Famer, Billy Joe Shaver.

The abbreviated quote used for the title comes from the better-than-fiction-true story of Shaver forcing his way into a Waylon Jennings recording session after the star tried to renege on recording some of his songs. Brushing off a $100 bill to go away, Shaver said to Jennings, "I'll tell you what's gonna happen. You're gonna either listen to these songs or I'm gonna whip your ass." Waylon agreed to listen to one. The rest is history in the form of Jennings' 1973 Honky Tonk Heroes album, on which every song but one was written by Shaver.

“I landed on this album title on a dare," Kelly says. "I was like, 'Sure. What do I care?' I did the Texas music scene, I’ve done time in Nashville, and I thought my time had passed when I got offered my record deal. My husband could keep writing songs and I'd just be a speech therapist. So I made this album like it's the last one I'll ever get to make and the title is my mantra so to speak. I love good songs, and I let the best ones win whether I wrote them or not. It’s a compilation I’m proud of, and I’m thrilled for people to hear them!”

Kelly is sharing a first taste of the album with the nostalgic song-of-summer ready track, “Summers Like That.” Written by Karyn Rochelle and Bobby Tomberlin and produced by Tyler, the song not only name checks a number of classic 90s country hits but is also sonically, reminiscence of some of Kelly’s biggest influences, artist like Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis, Brooks & Dunn and Deana Carter. Listen to “Summers Like That” HERE.

“Not only does this song namedrop ‘Strawberry Wine,’ ‘Walk Away Joe,’ and a slew more of my favorites, but it has the same feel as those songs, which I love. A very relatable story that allows you to get lost in the emotion,” shares Kelly. “It reminds me of ‘Maybe It Was Memphis,’ in that way. The 90s are back in the fashion industry and other genres of music…let’s bring them back in country music too.”

Well it crushed my heart when he had to go
My first taste of a walkaway Joe
You don't ever forget it when it cuts that deep
The first time you fall is so bittersweet

I can still hear dust on the bottle
Sitting on the hood of a 02 model Mustang
Sipping on Boones
Getting my first buzz to a neon moon
By the magic of the moment, never felt that way before

They don't make summers like that no more

I’ll Tell You What’s Gonna Happen Track List:

“Honky Tonk Town” (Jessi Alexander, Jessie Jo Dillon and Brett Tyler)

“Some Things Have a Name” (Bob DiPiero and Troy Johnson)

“Summers Like That” (Karyn Rochelle and Bobby Tomberlin)

“Why Can't I” (Bob DiPiero and Karyn Rochelle)

“I Remember That Woman” (Kent Blazy, Cindy Blazy and Karyn Rochelle)

“Blue Jean Country Queen” featuring Steve Wariner (Kimberly Kelly, Brett Tyler and Steve Wariner)

“Don't Blame It On Me” (Ben Danaher and Brett Tyler)

“Forget The Alamo” (Don Rollins and Wynn Varble)

“Person That You Marry” (Kimberly Kelly, Lori McKenna and Brett Tyler)

“No Thanks (I Just Had One)” (Dale Dodson and Wynn Varble)

“First Fool In Line” (Byron Hill and Tammi Kidd)

“Black Rose” (Billy Joe Shaver)

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