Friday, May 6, 2022


Florida singer/songwriter, Jason Brownie, announced today the release of his debut single, “Pretty Girl On The Passenger Side.” This upbeat, country driving tune is just what the nicer weather ordered. Solo-penned by Jason Brownie and produced by Jeff Bates, the single was recorded at Funhouse Studio Nashville, with vocals recorded at Bateshop Studio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rodney Ingle engineered the new music at Funhouse Studio and Jeff Bates served as engineer at Bateshop, as well as handled the editing, mixing and mastering. Download and stream the new music on all digital music platforms at prettygirlonthepass.

Studio musicians on the project featured Lonnie Williams on drums, Joel Key, acoustic guitar, Jonathan Brown, piano, keys and organ, James Mitchell, electric guitar, Kevin “Swine” Grant, bass guitar and Rodney Ingle on background vocals.

"This was the very first song we tracked in Nashville. It was such an amazing and humbling experience being in a room with some of the best session players in Nashville, who were there to play on my songs! This song in particular is just a fun, catchy song and I am very excited with the way it turned out. It's easy to sing along to and so much fun to play live!" relayed Jason Brownie.

"Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side"' is a feel-good and full of energy Country tune that speaks to the happier side of life," shares CEO of Clearwater Records-Robert Gomes. "The Clearwater Records family is excited to have Jason as one of the new artists on our label roster and we see a very bright future for his career in music."

“Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side” is a great driving song! There are certain songs that just make a person want to crank the radio up and cruise down the highway, such as the classic “Take It Easy” by the Eagles and Tom Cochrane’s “Life Is A Highway.” Jason wanted this song to have a vibe similar to that. He wrote the song a couple of years ago, but struggled with the chorus. He had that hook in his head and knew it was catchy, but the lyrics actually went through several variations before he got it right. The song’s bridge lyrics were the chorus at one point. The line ‘rolling down the road of this beautiful life’ was actually the last lyrics written, and it made the song come together and help paint the picture he was trying to convey. Fans always tell him they cannot get that song out of their head.

“An open road
Cloud of dust
Throttle’s wide open
And my mind’s made up
She’s a little hard to handle
When she gets revved up
But she’s taught me a thing or two about love
Taught me a thing or two about love
Yeah, she’s young and reckless
And high on life
She’s a little rebel with fire in her eyes
And I’m rollin’ down the road
Of this beautiful life
With the pretty girl on the passenger side ...”

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