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Singer/Songwriter, Allie Colleen, who wants her music to be categorized as great music more than a specific genre, announced the digital release of her new spine-tingling and empowering single, “Halos and Horns,” produced by Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann and co-engineered by Cody LaBelle and Allie Colleen. The Outlaw Country tune depicts a picture of cowboys and angels torn between leather and lace, evil and good. The song was penned by Eric Dodd, Stephen Hunley and Allie Colleen. Allie knew when they were writing this one it was going to be big, a piece to the puzzle to her as an artist and her sound. She believes in women and believes in country music and this song showcases how much women belong in Country music. Women are outlaws and cowboys. Women are tough and outwork anyone around us. This song is not Allie Colleen trying to hang with the boys, but to hopefully encourage listeners that there are women out there making some rad country music right now and there is a place for women at the table.

“Halos and Horns” can be found today on all digital music platforms and is available for streaming and digital download at halosandhorns_ac.

“My whole life has been a clash of 'everything that is a blessing; is a curse.' It has made me who I am. Everything about me, about all of us as individuals, seems to come with a challenge or an opinion. It has been a huge focus of mine lately and through the creation of “Halos and Horns” to accept all those things about myself and put them to work” shared Allie Colleen. “I love this song and how it showcases one of the many sides of Allie Colleen and who I am as an artist.”

“The first time I met Allie, she was writing a song with my wife, Sara, and I was so taken back by this connective voice. Fast forward a year, I watched her play a show out on the road with me, she was barefoot and commanding a crowd like they were her family and best friends, something I haven’t seen in a long time, she has this thing with them no one can describe. When she asked me to be a part of producing some music with her, I was honored and I am so excited for the world to hear her. She knows what she wants. She loves what she does. You cannot ask for much more than that!" exclaimed co-producer, Lee Brice.

“Having the chance to team up with Allie, Lee and our engineer Cody, was one of my favorite moments in Nashville. Helping her bring her vision of “Halos and Horns” to life was truly special. She’s a real artist, with the voice, mind and songwriting skills to prove it,” expressed co-producer Jerrod Niemann.

"I’m a Sunday morning sinner in a white church
On my knees praying ‘til it hurts
In the back row with all the other lost souls

I’m a double shot of whiskey in a dive bar
A cowboy looking for a wild card I can take home
‘Fore the sun I’m long gone

I’m boiling hot I’m freezing cold
I’m holding on I’m letting go
Don’t know why I can’t pick a side

I’m sure fire bet and long shot gamble
Easy to love but I’m hard to handle now
I’m an angel mixed with a hell bent rebel
Gotta heart of gold, I’m silver tongue devil

I don’t know why I’m always torn
Tween the halo and the horns

I’m an 8-second rider tryna make it last
A long haul trucker tryna get there fast
Like a dust cloud, only see me on my way out

Tougher than the leather in the Bible Belt
Softer than pedals of a mission bell
I’ll make your blood burn, You’ll like it when
it hurts

I don’t know why I’m always torn
Just the way I am, I was born
Tween the halo and the horns"

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