Friday, July 8, 2022


Americana singer/songwriter Jessica Willis Fisher has released a stunning piano version of her powerful song “My History,” out everywhere today HERE. The autobiographical song, which first appeared on her critically-acclaimed solo album Brand New Day, finds her discovering that there is indeed a way forward through music.

Growing up the eldest daughter in a large, highly controlled, fundamentalist Christian household, Jessica was groomed to write songs and perform with her family’s touring group The Willis Clan. She was expected to conform to her father's disturbing and chaotic teachings, but she survived his abuse. An emotional centerpiece of the album, “My History” was the first song Jessica wrote after taking a multi-year hiatus from creating, following her escape from the unhealthy environment of her upbringing. Brand New Day musically represents her new start at life and helped her reclaim her voice through music.

All artist proceeds from this special version of “My History” will go towards Jessica’s newly created charitable fund called The Brand New Day Fund, which supports a variety of organizations and causes close to her heart.

“Writing and music have played such an important role in my story and my healing,” Jessica shares. “There was a time I was unsure I would ever be able to come back to claim music for myself in a healthy way, so I am so grateful for the chance to share these songs straight from the heart on my own terms for the first time. Music can be such a powerful therapy and I want to do my part in making the world a safer, stronger, more beautiful place.”

Grateful for her second chance, Jessica wants her story to help others. She established The Brand New Day Fund with The Community Foundation because of her passion for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, and facilitating cooperation between advocates, lawmakers, law enforcement, and victims. She also believes strongly in the healing power of music as a therapy, and seeks to help women and young adults rise above their past traumatic experiences to build safe, healthy lives for themselves.

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