Tuesday, December 20, 2022


This year, the world around us may have been out of tune and every note seemed out of place, but country music kept it's fans in harmony. Thank you to all of the artists, musicians and songwriters who kept the music playing this year. 

Check out my 22 favorite, most listened to songs of 2022 that you may or may not have heard. These are the songs I found myself listening to and enjoying the most over the past 12 months. Some are newer than others, some may be all over the radio and some may not, but they've all made an impression and have I found myself playing them daily, sometimes on repeat.

Be sure to check out the artist websites, digital music sites and social media pages. Let them know you hear them and that you like what you hear. The gift of encouragement is the best gift you can give to an artist.

"Note to Self" - Randy Houser 


"She" - Drake Milligan

"I Found You" - Nate Smith

"Home Wasn't Built in a Day" - Todd Tilghman

"If Jesus Was a Cowboy" - Logan Crosby

"Son of A" - Dillon Carmichael

"For the Love of It" - Texas Hill

"You Can Have Him Jolene"- Chapel Hart

"Same Songs"- James Johnston and Kaylee Bell

"Damn Good Life" - Justin Adams

"Nothing's News" - Cody Jinks, Clint Black, Ward Davis

"This Town Was" - Porter Howell

" A Girl Does" - Mitch Rossell

"It's You" - Cash Creek

"Good Day For Living" - Joe Nichols

"Love Talking" - Eli Young Band

"Everybody Talks to God" - Aaron Lewis

"The Long and Winding Road" - William Lee Golden and the Goldens

"Orange Keychain" - Jared Blake

"Whole Lotta Little" - Emily Ann Roberts

"I'm Good" - Steve Roberson

"Girl's Gotta Know" - Rachel Wammack

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