Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Third Digital Release Of Upcoming Tribute Album God Blessed Texas Available Dec 1

Hailing from Denton and Austin, Texas, respectively, Eli Young Band and George Birge have teamed up to record a tender-hearted new cover of the 1994 hit song “Amy’s Back in Austin.” The melodious new single is the third release from the upcoming tribute album God Blessed Texas, which pays homage to American country music band Little Texas. The new music will be available Dec 1 for streaming and download. 

Superbly crafted, “Amy’s Back in Austin” tells the story of a naive young couple seeking a better life by leaving their hometown together. Unfortunately, they learn the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and end up parting ways; he heads West and suspects she’s returned home. His love for her remains and occupies his thoughts, leaving listeners with a strikingly heartfelt ballad.

“Growing up, I was always a fan of Little Texas,” reveals Mike Eli - Eli Young Band. “Their songs were a huge part of country music in Texas. I was excited to be asked to sing on the record and it’s a huge honor to be part of this project.”

“Little Texas was a staple in my childhood, and ‘Amy’s Back in Austin’ was an era-defining song for me,” shares George Birge. “With Eli Young Band being one of my biggest musical influences, getting to share this track with them feels like a full circle moment for me in Country music. To be asked to be a part of this tribute album is such a huge honor.”

“We left Texas on a windy night
In a beat-up Chevy van
We loaded it up with our innocent dreams
And all the love we had
We didn’t know then how hard it was
Livin’ on our own
I’d find her cryin’ late at night
Talkin’ to the folks back home
I wonder what went wrong
And where is she now I’d love to know

I bet Amy’s back in Austin
Workin’ at the LaZona Rosa Cafe
I remember the night we lost it
And the day she went away
Was it the angry words or did she miss her momma
I don’t know but it don’t feel right
I bet Amy’s back in Austin
And I’m missin’ her tonight…”

“Amy’s Back in Austin” was co-written by Brady Seals and Stephen Allen Davis. Brandyn Steen served as Executive Producer on the new cover song and Duane Propes as Music Producer. It was recorded at ER Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, with mixing done by Bart Busch and engineering by David Spielberg. A-list session musicians included Duane Propes (bass guitar), Mark Matejka (lead and acoustic guitar) and Corey Wright (drums).

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