Wednesday, November 8, 2023


Event: Ray Scott
Opening Artist: Matt Boswell
Date: 10/28/2023
Venue: Tunnel Creek Vineyards - Roxboro, NC
Reviewer: Jennifer Smith

I'm a bit behind the proverbial 8 ball on this since the show was on 10/28 but when you work an 8 hour job in addition to music promoting, ya gotta get it in when ya can. 

Now, let's talk Ray Scott. When you think of real country music, you think of storytelling, simplicity, honesty. and authenticity. When you hear Ray Scott, you know you're hearing the real, unapologetic, genuine country deal (ok, and he might also be a little on the tilted side of normal). His music is from his heart, he tells the best stories and he tells them in a personal, relatable way. I mean come on, we've all had blind dates where the pictures weren't exactly the same as what you got in reality, we've all taken one for the team at one point, we've been with "The Ugly One", we're all "Grumpy", we try to take "The High Road", we "Ain't Always Thirsty" when we drink, and we've all prayed "Bear With Me, Lord" at least once in our lives. See, he's relatable.

On October 28, Ray made a trip home to NC. He played at the absolutely gorgeous Tunnel Creek Vineyards in Roxboro, NC. This place was amazing, definitely one of God's best painted canvasses with hills, a lake, trees with the fall colors, rows of grapevines and a beautiful win-e-"ray", um, I mean winery. This night was personal for Ray, it was so much more than just another gig. This night was all about home, family, friends, music and it was full of love. It was such a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Matt Boswell started the night and he was great. He kept it down deep country with songs like "Me and Haggard", "I Want My Rib Back", "Believe" and others. Country music might smell funny right now, but it sure ain't dead as long as these 2 guys are still playing.

Ray was up next and kept things mostly "out of the shallow end", playing mainly songs that mean something to him, songs with more than lyrics that make you laugh way too obnoxiously loud (but he did throw in a few of those). He broke out the really good stuff tonight like "Dirty Shirt", "Hey Fool", "Better as I Go", "Slow Dance", "Those Jeans", "Drinkin' Beer", "Put Another Log on the Fire", "Wheels on the House", "My Kind of Music", "Cover the Earth", "Everybody Ends Up Ugly", "Ripples" and others. We were all singing along, laughing along, crying along and dancing along. Tonight was a really good night, one for the memory books.

If you get a chance to see Ray or Matt, please do it. This calibre of talent and songwriting doesn't just pop up at your local bar too often. As they are independent artists, you may not walk in to a venue knowing who they are, but I can promise you that you'll leave as a fan and you'll want to know and hear more.

Find out more about Ray and check out his tour dates at Follow him on social media and go download/stream his music at digital outlets everywhere, including his upcoming album "Billboards and Brake Lights" which is set for release on Friday, November 10. 

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