Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Today is the day to recognize and appreciate the love in your life. We should do this everyday but today is a reminder of it's importance. With so many love songs out there, I thought I'd add some to your playlists that you may not have heard before or a version of ones that you have but by someone else.

Enjoy the gift of love, even if it's walked away. Whether you have it now or you've had it in the past, you had it and it taught you something.

"Roller Coaster" - Brothers Osborne

"Perfect to Me" - Clark Hill

"You Are So Beautiful" - Gaither Vocal Band

"I Didn't Mean to Love You" - Teea Goans

"Let Her Go" - Glen Templeton

"I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" - Brady Seals

"More Hearts Than Mine" - Ingrid Andress

"That's What Love Is" - David Phelps

"You Don't Have to Love Me" - Restless Road

"What Am I Gonna Do" - Chris Stapleton

"When She Wakes Up and Finds Me Gone" - Trent Tomlinson

"Mine Would Be You" - Jessi Alexander

"If They Could See You Through My Eyes" - Gordon Mote

"Clean Up on Aisle Five" - Mo Pitney

"Break Up in the End" - Jon Nite

"Keeper" - Ray Scott

"Love Don't Care" - Becky Denton & Brent Rader

"Wanna Make You Love Me" - Andy Gibson

"Anymore" - Will Dempsey

"One Mississippi" - Brett Eldredge

"Ran Into You" - Tommy Karlas & Karyn Rochelle

"That 100 Miles" - The Farm, Inc.

"I'm Gonna Love You" - Lance Carpenter

"Not Letting Go" - William Michael Morgan

"Lovin' Not Leavin'" - Wade Bowen

"The Last Man Committed" - Eric Heatherly

"Promise to Love Her" - Blane Howard

"She's More" - Andy Griggs

"When the Right One Comes Along" - Striking Matches

"Beautiful You" - Mason Douglas

"Maybe You Should" - Taylor Hicks

"Best of Me" - David Nail

"It's You" -  Cash Creek

"Girl's Gotta Know" - Rachel Wammack

"Can't Have Mine" - Dylan Scott

"If I Met You Now" - Austin Brown

"She Could Take Me" - Jason Marks

"Just a Phase" - Adam Craig

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