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Author Jamie Arpin-Ricci once wrote that “There is more hope in honest brokenness than in the pretense of false wholeness.” I have been trying to come up with the right words to describe "Autobiography", the new album from Joseph Habedank, and these words seem to say exactly what this album is about.

"God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble." - Psalm 46:1

Grammy nominated and Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter Joseph Habedank struggled with a heavy prescription drug addiction for several years after developing an ulcer in his throat while he was the lead vocalist and songwriter for the gospel music group, The Perrys. During his addiction, he met his wife, Lindsay. He hid the drugs from Lindsay and tried to live a life under the disguise of "false wholeness" until 3 weeks before their wedding. Lindsay found out about the drugs and his addiction. They married, but shortly after their honeymoon, he started taking pills again. His addiction worsened as time went on, eventually leading to his being asked to leave the group. After losing the job he loved as a musician and in the middle of a crippling addiction, he didn't know what to do or where to turn. He was lost. He knew he had no choice but to find help. He reached out to a counselor at Porter's Call who told him about MusicCares, a program run by the Grammys to assist those in the music industry who need help. He contacted MusicCares and they paid for his complete rehabilitation. Up until his recovery, Lindsay was told over and over that she should leave him and get out of this situation but she knew she had to stay by his side. She stayed, they worked together through the worst times and now there they are, nearly 11 years later, still together with Joseph celebrating over 10 years of being clean and with a thriving ministry that travels around the country telling of Joseph's redemption through faith and music in hopes of helping others overcome their own situations. 

"Autobiography" is an extremely personal and vulnerable album of truth, faith and the celebration of victory. His story is one of hope, love and overcoming adversity just when you think you can't handle any more. Each song represents a "chapter" in his life, steps forward, resulting in a change that only comes from believing that help comes from above. He is living proof that Jesus can indeed save you from yourself if you surrender the battle to Him. Opening up, putting it all on the table and sharing his experience may help someone who listens to the album begin to open their own heart to accept hope and to build in their faith. Sharing this truth, as painful as it is, can help others begin to heal. 

Thank you Joseph for sharing your own "honest brokenness" through this album and for being the first step that someone who hears it has been wanting to take. There is something about the power of a song and this album proves it. This is one of the best album releases of the year and I hope that the word spreads about the power of this message.

"Autobiography" Track Listing:

1. Prelude

2. "Worthy" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Andrew Bergthold & Tony Wood

3. "Ain’t That The Truth" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Logan Cain, Madison Cain, Ethan Hulse & Nick Schwarz

4. "Jesus Walked In" (featuring Chris Blue) - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Tony Wood & Nick Schwarz

5. "The Church" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Jason Cox & Sue C. Smith

6. Interlude (Little Me)

7. "Jesus Wasn’t Leaving" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Michael Farren & Tony Wood

8. "Tell The Devil" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Ethan Hulse & Nick Schwarz

9. "Jehovah" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Mitch Wong & Tony Wood

10. "Going With Jesus" (featuring Bernie Herms) - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Bernie Herms & Ethan Hulse

11. "Forgiven" (featuring Houston's First Worship) - Writers: Joseph Habedank & Jeff Bumgardner

12. "The Basement" - Writers: Joseph Habedank, Michael Farren & Tony Wood

For more information about Joseph Habedank, visit Be sure to check his tour dates. The personal experience of his testimony is something I highly recommend.

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