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It was confirmed today that the voice of another angel on earth has moved on to sing in the choir of angels in heaven - we'll miss your voice, your spirit, your heart and your love of what's right. Thank you for being a light in the dark for so many. Your music and legacy will live on long after today. Rest easy, Mandisa.

Official Statement on Mandisa's Facebook Page:

"We can confirm that yesterday Mandisa was found in her home deceased. At this time we do not know the cause of death or any further details. We ask for your prayers for her family and close knit circle of friends during this incredibly difficult time.
Mandisa was a voice of encouragement and truth to people facing life’s challenges all around the world. She wrote this song for a dear friend who had passed in 2017.
Her own words say it best.
"I'm already home
You've got to lay it down
 'cause Jesus holds me now—
And I am not alone"

Tributes have been pouring in on social media:


From X:


"I am so incredibly saddened to hear about the loss of my friend Mandisa. I will always cherish the memories of times we spent together hosting award shows, going on tour, and most of all helping her tell her story in the songwriting room. The first song she released after appearing on American Idol was a song we wrote called “Only the World” and the lyrics hit different right now…

Heaven is a place
Where the tears on every face will be wiped away
Oh and I can't wait to go
But for now, it's enough to know
This is only temporary
This is only
Yes it's only the world I'm living in
It's only today I've been given
There ain't no way I'm giving in
'Cause it's only the world
I know the best is still yet to come
'Cause even when my days in the world are done
There's gonna be so much more than only the world for me"


"The news of Mandisa's passing this morning was truly a shock. We ministered together several times, she sang background vocals on my album 'Thank You Lord' and joined me on several tours. Whether behind the scenes or center stage, her presence always brought joy and hope."


"Heartbroken over the loss of this beautiful soul. Her voice, her heart, her joy will be missed by us all this side of Heaven…and so thankful for the living hope that she sang (& now sings in the presence of Jesus) so powerfully about…it’s all true! 
Mandisa, we’ll see you in a little while."


"Mandisa was a friend to everybody. I was blessed enough to share the stage with her numerous times and watched her bring people together. She lit up every room and everyone around her. Her music & story touched many with the love of Jesus. Join me in praying for her family today."


"Devastated to hear about the sudden loss of Mandisa. Her joy was infectious & I loved her heart to encourage people on & off stage!  When I made my debut in Christian music she was my greatest supporter. Mandisa you left too soon—our community will never be the same without you."


"I don’t even have words. It can’t be true. Mandisa, my beautiful friend, the loss of you and your great big beautiful heart is a devastating blow to all who were fortunate enough to know you. I hope you are now at peace in the arms of Jesus. I love you always. 


"I have never known a more beautiful woman in every possible way than Mandisa. Our only consolation in this terrible loss is having gotten the privilege to serve with her so many times and love her deeply. I will forever recall the event when I said to Travis, oh my gosh, we’ll never be able to keep her. She will spring from this nest and fly to a much larger stage. And, boy, did she. We will love you forever, Mandisa. And see you soon."


"I had the pleasure of meeting Mandisa in the Orlando Airport. I recognized her and introduced myself and thanked her for her witness on AI. She was amazing, gracious and welcoming! She thanked me for the encouragement and hugged me. God bless you Mandisa! Rest in Him!"


"My wife just shared that Mandisa had passed away. Very few people light up rooms when they enter. She had that. Beautiful voice, beautiful soul."


"I’m in tears. I became a fan of hers when I saw her on American Idol. Her music has helped me through some tough times. Praying for her family and friends."


"Mandisa was a cultural reset and a real gift for us all. Her presence on that show was truly unique as she utilized her talents to create a career for something greater than herself and continued to release music that united so many with her voice, terrible terrible news."


"Oh no! What a voice! What a gift to the World! She’s now adding to the choirs of Heaven.  Praying shalom over her family."


"The world was a bit brighter when Mandisa was in it."


"πŸ’”πŸ˜’ I am deeply saddened by the news of her passing. She was an incredibly talented musician and her music has had a profound impact on my life. She will be greatly missed, but her legacy will live on through her music."


"I met Mandisa back in 2011 at a concert that her and Matthew West did at my church. She was so sweet. Her talent will be missed."


"Thank you Mandisa for sharing your love of Jesus with us through your music. Your music inspired thousands, myself among them. Our Heavenly Father called you home. We thank Him for sharing you with us for a moment. R.I.P.  πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜”"




"She was a brilliant performer and source of encouragement, contributing to TBN programs over the years. She inspired countless lives with her uplifting music and message of hope. We join the many who mourn her loss and we offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to her family and loved ones."

Natalie Grant:

"I can’t quite find the words. When I learned of your passing yesterday, I begged God for it not to be true. I remember making our Opry debut together. We were so excited. But I remember our conversation so vividly. You belonged there. You always belonged, Disa. Your smile and infectious spirit lit up every room. You were a true champion of others. I was the benefactor of your encouragement more times than I can count. 
Thankful for your music, your honesty and testimony that helped thousands upon thousands of people find the hope of Jesus. I loved sitting by you at awards shows so we could geek out at every performance. We were both true Christian music fans, and unashamed of it. I remember when you FINALLY became a football fan. Your love for the Titans rivaled my love for my Seahawks. I loved your laugh. You were a true beauty inside and out. There will be a hole in the heart of our community that will never be filled until we see you again. I rejoice that you’re in the arms of Jesus, whole in every way, and understanding just how completely loved you have always been. Love you, my friend."

Elliott Yamin:

"Sweet Mandisa! I don’t even know where to start. I’m so deeply saddened to wake up to this news of your passing this morning! Mandisa was a constant beacon of light and hope and positivity with/for EVERY single human she encountered. She was steadfast in living out her purpose through her faith and religion and touched so many people along the way.  Mandisa reached out to me after the birth of my daughter, blessing her and my family, and that was the last time we connected. About 4 years ago. My thoughts and well wishes are with her family at this time. Mandisa, I will never forget you and your light. 
It was an honor to walk through the American Idol experience with you! RIP!"

Kelly Crabb and the Bowling Sisters:

"Mandisa was an inspiration to me, and she was a staple on my playlist. My girls have learned to sing while listening to this girl give us her everything and THEN SOME. 🫢🏻 After the bus wreck of 2010, 2011 brought a season of exercising, trying to rehab my back that had been severely broken.  I listened to the song “Stronger” no less than a million times while I struggled with that elliptical. Hoping to be STRONGER, not realizing that it would turn into a LIFE theme for us. Stronger. There’s a line in the song that says “the pain ain’t gonna last forever.” My girls cut that song 7 years ago when they were just kids. Mandisa is a staple to the soundtrack of their youth. They love her. I love her. We’re beyond sad at the news of her passing. 😭  Life is fragile, people are fragile, and as I type this, I’m completely sure that we could raise the bar on showing love to people while they’re here instead of after they’re gone. 😭  Me included. I didn’t know her, but I’m thankful for her. There have been days that her music GOT ME THROUGH IT.  I’m thankful that this beautiful soul will live on through those songs and I’ll forever listen to her tell me “WHEN THE WAVES ARE TAKING you UNDER, hold on just a little bit longer….He knows that this is gonna make you STRONGER.” 
I’m praying for her family today. What a loss. 😭"

Rita Springer:

"Sometimes as much as I love words, there are none to find.  Grief can shut them up inside a soul and turn them into moaning. What I know about God most is that he carries those moans like melodies and calls it worship.  I loved Mandisa.  Her passion and joy for Jesus was evident in all she put her whole heart into. Our conversations were deep and costly.  When she believed in you she said it out loud and boldly! The loss of her is traumatic and quite devastating today.  This song she released a couple years ago was one I wrote that she heard and had to sing.   It was a message she said was “healing to her soul.” She wanted me to sing it with her and it was such an honor to do that! I know today her joy is complete and her great reward is seen. Thank you, Mandisa for seeing the ones you saw with such depth and recognition. You will be so incredibly missed here. 
Until that day girl, sing louder than you ever have.  😭😭😭❤️❤️"

Taylor Hicks:

"Mandisa was a power house vocalist on our season of Idol and she graduated to a wonderful career in gospel music. Better yet she was a power house person and all of us will miss her dearly."

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